• Maintenance Referral If a Building Supervisor or Property Manager has a repair/maintenance issue that cannot be addressed with local resources (s)he uses this form to refer the problem to Operations headquarters.

  • Maintenance Request Log This is the summary view of ongoing projects. Since access to these pages requires log-in, the information presented can be filtered based on the user's permissions. E.g., Supervisors can see all jobs, building superintendents can only see jobs at their own site(s).

    NOTE: this page is a mock-up; the content is static – not dynamic. The "Advanced Filters" option demonstrates searchable paramenters. However, the Sort and Filter functions are inoperable. Likewise the ID and Problem links all go the the same job.

  • Maintenance Request Administration This the detail page for a particular job. The responses available in the Update Status module are restricted by user permissions. After the initial request has been submitted, the building supervisor or property manager can only approve or dispute the job close-out. All other actions are only available to Operations headquarters staff.